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Godzilla 2014 Asian Trailer

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Official Godzilla 2014 Trailer Online!!

Here it is! Looks like we don't have to wait until Nov. 3rd after all. Earlier today the Godzilla 2014 trailer was leaked. Actually, this is not a new trailer, but the same one from Comic-con in 2012. It doesn't include the extra footage of Godzilla fighting the spider monster at the airport. This is still amazing, though. Very gritty and realistic. It made me think of 2 things:

1. Before in interview, Gareth Edwards suggested Godzilla may not have his characteristic atomic breath, but seeing holes blasted in the buildings and the charred remains of the other monster make me think otherwise.

2. The other monster looked like a formidable opponent, Godzilla is absolutely gigantic and he's a force of nature, but it looks like he has to earn his title as King of the Monsters.

This is incredibly awesome. It's going to blow everyone away. This isn't just a movie for Godzilla fans, but everybody. It's going to be a 'monster' hit of 2014.

I still believe we'll see a new, official trailer on November 3rd, but until then, please enjoy this one. I'm so excited! Godzilla opens in theaters May 16, 2014.

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